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I'm a technology enthusiast. I like to create. For almost two decades of practice, I have created web presentations, information systems and web applications for both small and large customers. I worked with companies such as Amazon, Google and CERN in the field of security or participated in several government orders (Czechia, Israel and Republic of Korea). I worked in the war zone with a minimum of material or options. And I offer all these experiences wherever they are needed. I can create a small application as well as an extensive portal or internal system. And all this with maximum security. Because one of the ways to show people respect in everyday life is a well done job.

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What I do

What I do

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As a result of my experience and practice, I am able to do any development related activity. So I can be your all in one solution which can be very useful for personal projects with less resources and budget. In the case of larger and more complex project, I have very competent experts who can help me to solve partial tasks and problems. However, this option is somewhat more expensive.




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